Through End of Year Special: Free Shipping on orders $100 and up
Also: Click Here for Cyber Monday Specials through Dec 4
Through End of Year Special: Free Shipping on orders $100 and up Also: Click Here for Cyber Monday Specials through Dec 4
Full Spirited Flavours - Best Liqueur Cakes anywhere!   Made in the USA!
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Full Spirited Flavours


By combining our business and catering expertise, our humor, and most importantly our love for baking, cooking and each other...we are now Full Spirited Flavours.

While we do our best to present them here, our Prosperity "spirited" liqueur cakes (sometimes referred to as "liquor cakes" or "rum cakes") can only be experienced by tasting.

Please take a close look, you can't really go wrong. They are all good.

Life goes by quickly and as three sisters with more than a century of experience, we knew it was time to realize our dream to build a business that we can work together, offering our favorite recipes, while creating new and exciting ones for discriminating palates.

Now going into our fifth year, we are realizing our dream, which has been due to many wonderful mentors along with customers offering their advice and support while educating us on how to be successful. Although we started at a local farmers market, we now have the ability to reach out and grasp joy from our dedicated customers who give us reason to keep doing what we are doing.

As we grow, we learn something new every day, but always remember there is something new to be learned tomorrow. We look forward to many new experiences and meeting more of the wonderful people out there!

All our Best,

Kathy, Sue & Carole

Co-Founders, Partners, Sisters

Full Spirited Flavours
Schwenksville PA, 19473  USA
5.0 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.

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